Terranima Unearthed

Commission Correspondent Report #44
Officer Naiirun's first report regarding the new teams

Commission Correspondent Report #44 -———-

Officer Naiirun, acting director of operations until further notice
Regarding: Recent batch of new recruits, progress in Terranima
Report is to be copied twice, with a copy going to both Co-President Ryan Rosedrop and Co-President Roslyn Rosedrop.

The new groups of trailblazers have arrived. They are as following:

  • Team Kukri: Revka Valmont, Chopjaw, and Gwendolyn
  • Team Machete: Francois Trenin III, Dolores, Archibald Goldman
  • Team Sickle: Finel Demovive, Gorrath of the Red Sands, Naerin Diinin
  • Team Scimitar: Virel Pinvice, Blaktungg, Skitterclaw the Slippery
  • Team Hatchet: Oril Brassbane, Hoira Ambrosin, Brunhilde Johannesdottir

All teams have made headway onto the island. We now have 5 new areas to establish and to call our own.All the areas are full of resources, and almost all of them offer enough land to make our bases with few materials. This is most certainly what I can consider a success.

It is unfortunate that this letter also brings some bad news as well. A few nights ago, our armory was broken into, and all of our weapons have been taken. One of our workers was also found dead that morning. We believe the culprit to be Daoran Tillgloam. He has left our encampment, I can only assume that he stole the weapons and went off to arm Elven rebels deep within Terranima. I have ordered several guards to take Thalanel Tillgloam into custody, to see if she knows anything about the incident. I will see that Daoran reckons for his transgressions.
I will need a whole armory’s worth of weapons, and magical items that can help us. I also would like to requisition items to make our armory more secure.

I would also like to take this moment to go into detail about a team that went above and beyond our needs. I am referring to the dark horse team, Team Kukri. To fully understand why I’m so impressed with Team Kukri, I’ll need to detail their mission and their actions.

Recruit Gwendolyn has been on this land for a week or so apparently, but never checked in. Instead, she had rested and made a small home for herself on the beach, eating starfruit and…talking to crabs. It’s notable that Gwendolyn has a dire wolf alongside of her, which she has named ‘Fenris’. The other two recruits met up in the Ishtan isle. Recruit Valmont apparently has bought items down there from a hermit, I believe we should look into his wares. Recruit Chopjaw boarded captain Ivlin’s ship, the Perfect Princess, requested a weapon and soon after tested the blade of the newly received greatsword on the ship. Ivlin did not take kind to this, and after much squabbling between the captain, recruit Chopjaw and recruit Valmont, it was decided that recruit Chopjaw would stay in his quarters until further notice.

The ride over was uneventful. Docking was a whole different process. Apparently, recruit Chopjaw refused to hand over the key to Ivlin’s ship. After heated words, Recruit Chopjaw swallowed the key. Ivlin demanded that her crews get a barrel of chum and douse recruit Chopjaw with it, apparently in an attempt to make him regurgitate the key out. Apparently, Recruit Valmont paid Captain Ivlin for the cost of the key and started to head out for Bramblethorn. Ivlin has reported that Recruits Chopjaw and Gwendolyn met on the shore, and after Fenris had consumed a whole barrel’s worth of chum, headed out. Ivlin would like her barrel of chum paid for by team Kukri apparently. If you ever deal with them, please keep Ivlin and recruit Chopjaw away from each other. Please.

Team Kukri talked to Thalanell and Daoran Tillgloam, purchased some fruits and meats from them and departed from the market. Team Kukri might need to answer some questions for me, to see if they know anything about Daoran and the armory incident. Recruits Valmont and Chopjaw came to the briefing about Terranima and took up the bounties for creatures within the area. The area was under attack by a wyvern given the name Neurospike and a Pyrohydra named Embervein. They left the following day of the briefing and of the incident.

Recruit Gwendolyn had encountered burrowing Gricks and had made friends with them. This isn’t uncommon, as she has also made friends with seagulls too. She coerced the gricks to let Recruits Valmont and Chopjaw to pass as well. Team Kukri encountered an old bridge, surprisingly enough. I wonder who (or what) has built this bridge…but that’s not important. Before boarding the bridge a whole hedge of Twigblights came and ambushed the team. On the other side of the bridge was a Twighorror. After thinning the number of Twigblights, the Twighorror engaged team Kukri. The Twighorror was actually thrown off the bridge by team Kukri, and apparently was shamed from the fall. Team Kukri then ran into Embervein. Embervein had been wounded from a previous engagement, mentioning a creature that hides in the sand and surpised him but recruit Gwendolyn made an arrangement with him. Embervein would let them pass, and would even help fight of the sand creature but was ambushed by Recruit Valmont. In an impressive display of ambush tactics and lithe weapon use, Recruit Valmont managed to slay Embervein by herself. Recruit Gwendolyn was heartbroken by what had occurred and spent an hour reincarnating Embervein. Embervein is now a Asperi. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the CC’s operations, I don’t mind it.

Team Kukri found Juniper Gloweyes. She was also dispatched just as quickly as she was found. Recruit Chopjaw now carries an axe she had with her, he calls it Jagged Juniper. I don’t share his humor. Whenever Recruit Chopjaw is enraged, he can hear shouts from the axe, as long as they were slain by the axe itself.

After their encounter with Obsidia, Neurospike the Wyvern appeared. Kukri made quick work of the beast, Recruit Gwendolyn reincarnated this creature as well. It is now a Silver drake. I repeat my previous response, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the CC, I don’t mind it.
A vibrant bird had a message for Kukri. The Copse of Seasons needed to see them. From the debriefings, the Copse of Seasons is a group of living trees. One for each season. Two of the seasons were very unstable and they needed individuals to find out what was wrong. Team Kukri was given a map to indigenous Lizardfolk tribes on Terranima, and an item called the Amulet of Horns. The amulet gives the wielder protrusions of different animals onto their body. Recruit Valmont is certainly made of sterner stuff, for that just sounds horrifying to me. Recruit Valmont also befriended a symbiotic sap-like being, which calls itself Phlo on the outskirts of the Copse. Phlo likes to act as gloves, as it feels that it can help Recruit Valmont hold on to things better in exchange for sunlight.
After much investigating with the local fauna, Recruits Gwendolyn and Valmont managed to find that the soil is glowing green, and that life in the soil is having adverse reactions, to roots writhing wildly, to making some Myconids catatonic. Recruit Gwendolyn has suggested to me that this could be caused by the land itself, possibly trying to defend itself. From us?
While investigating, Recruit Chopjaw unsuccessfully interrogated a local Myconid that was inside its underground dwelling. He was pacified by two large Myconids after attempting to pick up said smaller Myconid. The Myconids knew nothing about the sand creature. Team Kukri learned about Displacer Beasts in the area that constantly try to encroach upon the Myconid’s and by association the Copse’s territory.
Team Kukri went deep into the forest, where it was hard to see through the shade and tall grass. After tracking laughter and seeing the strange cats, they eventually found a pack of them. Recruit Valmont was concealed from the rest of the team as a bat, and managed to drop down on the leader of the Displacer Beast pack, killing him instantly. What started as an ambush for the Displacer Beasts became an ambush against them.
After a grueling skirmish with the cats, team Kukri slayed all but one. Kukri tracked it down to a cave and inquired about what lurks in the sand. The Displacer Beast swore it knew nothing, and had to outrun a very eager Recruit Chopjaw that was called back by Recruits Valmont and Gwendolyn.

Soon enough, they would find the sand creature. It turned out it was a Bullette. The aggressive creature managed to wound Recruit Chopjaw, but team Kukri overcame the beast using flanking tactics.
The team shortly after came to me, and brought proof of their feats.
I have seen to it that not a scrap of the Bullette is wasted, and it shall be used to forge new materials. Team Kukri does have first choice however, as it was their feat.

Team Kukri has secured a deal with the Copse of Seasons, and stopped a Bullette from terrorizing our workers. All on top of the mission given to them before. I personally have sent in promotion papers for the three, and would like to see them act as more than just trailblazers, if possible.

-Officer Myrael Naiirun, acting director of Terranima operations

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