Chopjaw The Hungry

Mightiest of scales


200 pounds of pure reptilian fury. Standing at an imposing 6’8, with yellow eyes, green skin, and jutting jagged teeth, sporting sharp claws and a six foot tail of raw power.


Chopjaw was formerly known as Kurakk Blood Fang, a member of the Blood Fang lizardfolk tribe of Galdoran. He was no different from any other Blood Fang, save for his distaste for the petty infighting between members, and would proudly join in on ravenous raids against the merfolk who lived on the edge of their territory. After one particularly bloodthirsty battle with the merfolk, the tribe began fighting about the spoils even more viciously among themselves than usual. The fighting finally broke out into an all-out tribal battle, with Kurakk standing to the side, seeing his fellow Blood Fangs succumbing to weak, childish threats and stooping to fighting with their fellow superior scaled brethren. Hoisting the trident he took as a trophy from a merfolk he had slain on his first raid, Kurakk turned his back on the Blood Fang tribe, and being no longer able to deny their weakness nor his repulsion towards it, abandoned his name with it.

Unable to live in more civilized society, thanks to his brash and casually-violent demeanor, he eventually took up work with a mercenary group. They saw great potential in his strength, cunning, and viciousness, and soon dubbed him “Chopjaw The Hungry”, after witnessing his treatment of their enemies and prisoners. For years, Chopjaw hunted and fought, slicing and biting foes apart, with the mercenaries, until one particularly dangerous fight left Chopjaw the only survivor.

Nonetheless, Chopjaw continued working solo as a mercenary. Eventually, he found himself himself in a small town tavern, where he would meet his soon-to-be girlfriend, Tula, and become aware of an organization who called themselves the ‘CC’ that was looking for hired hands to go on an expedition to an untamed land called Terranima. Never one to wave off opportunity, and wanting to raise enough money to settle down with Tula, Chopjaw found himself on a CC ship, ready to lend his trident, axe, claws and jaws towards the taming of Terranima.

Chopjaw The Hungry

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