Revka Valmont

The Bladeling of Kalamere


A 2’ 3" tall halfling rogue that loves to fight.

Revka has brown eyes and black hair. She wears dark colors, as is fit for a thief.

Revka is quite fond of her blades, and keeps them in pristine condition. She now wields an elegant bladed gauntlet on each arm that glitters and shines as though thousands of tiny facets were reflecting ambient light.


Despite being excellent in the art of stealth, Revka really likes for everyone to know what she’s done. Her open admission of her deeds made her a bit infamous in Kalamere, her home city. She killed a few too many important people, stole a few too many things and upset the balance far too often. And when you openly admit your guilt and dare the law to stop you, things can spiral out of control quickly. Which is why Revka is no longer in Kalamere.

Revka has a penchant for stealing things, even if she doesn’t quite know what the things are. She has a great love for rare and magic items, and often spends her gold as quickly as she acquires it. What’s the point of saving money if you could be dead tomorrow?

She does have a code, albeit not a very strict one, and does not adhere to the Honor Among Thieves rule. She has no qualms about ruining the plans of other thieves, which made her a quick enemy of the Thieves Guild in Kalamere. She will steal just about anything from wealthy citizens, as they usually have the best and most expensive things. She tries to avoid stealing from the poor, for she finds it to be in bad taste, and the poor generally have nothing of interest for her.

Revka does not steal from allies or friends, although she has very few of either.

Though she fancies stealing more than killing, Revka is quite skilled at both. While her usual contracts make use of her thieving skill, she is occasionally asked to kill. She rarely turns down offers of either sort.

Revka Valmont

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